Umashankar Kumaravelan

Umashankar Kumaravelan

3rd Year CSE Student At VIT, Chennai

Tech Geek | ML/DL Enthuisiast | IoT Generalist | Artist

An Enthusiastic Engineer who wants to learn a bit of all Technologies. Helping and a Hard Worker. A tinkering mind to try on different projects.

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  • Phone: 9677039178
  • Status: Looking for internships
  • Location: Chennai TamilNadu India



Projects spanning across technologies such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AR/VR, IoT, Computer Vision, Security


3rd Place in Ford GME Hackathon
Secured the 3rd Place in For GME Hackathon. The problem statement was to create an effective employee feedback system using Web Development along with SharePoint Integration


Finalist in Schneider Electric Hackware Hackathon
Selected as one of the 25 teams out of 25000 teams as Finalists for the Hackathon.


Here are some of the top skills that I am extremely good at. There are a bunch of others that I am passionate about as a hobby.

Python 90%
Java 60%

Keras 80%
Tensorflow 70%

Arduino 90%
React Native 70%



Bachelors Degree

2017 - 2021

Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai

Computer Science and Engineering

Higher Secondary School

2002 - 2017

St. Michael's Academy


Student Member

Jul, 2019 - May, 2020

IEEE Computer Society


    Computer Vision

    Implementation of CNN Models and Object Detection

    Internet Of Things

    IoT Implementations using Arduino, Nodemcu, Cloud


    Experience in using Virtual Machines, Clusters and Cloud Tools

    Cyber Security

    Experience in Kali Penetration Testing and Using Command-Line Tools

    Java Applications

    Application Development using Java Netbeans and Scene Builder

    Mobile App Development

    Experience in Using React Native and Flutter. Along with different integrations such as FireBase, Arduino Integrations, Unity, etc. Knowledge in Basic UI Design along with Database Integrations such as SQL, MongoDB.


    • All
    • Cyber Security
    • Computer Vision
    • Virtualization
    • Mobile App Development
    • Java Applications
    • Internet Of Things

    Lora Implementation for V2V Communication

    Proposal Idea for using LoRa Technology for use in Vehicle to Vehicle Communication

    CNN Model for Braille Recognition

    A CNN Model for Braille Recognition using Tensorflow and OpenCV

    Drone for Maintenance of Pipelines

    Drone System Architecture for Data Transmission and Image Retrieval

    Virtual Cluster using MaaS

    A virtual Demonstration of a Metal as a Service Cluster along with software deployment using Juju (JaaS) on Ubuntu Server hosted on VirtualBox

    Implementation of Different Types of Attacks using Kali

    Attacks such as DDoS,DOS, SQL Injection, System Intrusion( Android, WIndows 7) were carried out on a virtual environment using VirtualBox

    CUDA Image Processing (Mini Project)

    Implementation of the following Image Processing Operations with CUDA Support. Operations such as Multiple thresholding on 4K Images, SURF Object Search, Backgroud MoG for Background removal,etc.

    Online Art Gallery Management

    An Online art gallery management (Database Project) using Java Netbeans and SQLite

    Image File Storage App along with Firebase Integration

    A Simple Mobile Application to capture and store files on Firebase along with MongoDB integration for Offline Storage



    Chennai , TamilNadu , India

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