Tanay Yeole

Tanay Yeole

I am a Machine Learning and Robotics Enthusiast.

Enthusiastic Student | Good Coder | Aspiring Polymath | Kind Hearted Person

I am Student at SRM IST, India. I am good at Coding and I hope to put a significant impact on the world with my skills.

  • Email: yeole.tanay212@gmail.com
  • Phone: 8939320499
  • Status: Looking for academic projects
  • Location: Nashik Maharashtra India

I am a Student at the SRM Institute of Science and Technology and currently doing my B. Tech in Computer Science. Computer Science is a field that I believe has had and will continue have an impact in the development of the World. I plan to use my Coding skills in this development process and create a better future for everyone. I am an Aspiring Polymath like Bill Gates and Elon Musk. My hobbies include Coding, Reading, Listening to Music and Playing the Piano


Here are some of the top skills that I am extremely good at. There are a bunch of others that I am passionate about as a hobby.

Coding 60%
C++ 90%

Python 90%
Data Structures 70%

Algorithms 60%



B. Tech

2017 - 2021


School and Junior College

2008 - 2017

Wisdom High International School


Machine Learning Intern

Dec, 2019 - present



  • Working on 3D Object Recognition
  • Usage of Zed Camera to map objects around in 3D
  • Mapping the Movement of objects in 3-Dimensions


Feb, 2019 - Apr, 2019



  • Backend for a Website
  • Working on DXF Files



Nashik , Maharashtra , India

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